College Life

Makaela Ramlackhan

Catalina is second year college student who despises the travel to school, at school and from school. As a college student, her life consists of the four same scenarios over and over again. Here are some animations from her daily life.


Catalina is a very hard worker, and due to her many achievements she spends a great amount of time on her laptop which causes it to overload.
(Frame-by-frame Animation)


During those long walks from her school to the bus stop, Catalina likes to take the time to clear her mind. With the excessive load of homework, tranquille walks help keep her focus.
(Sprite Sheet Animation)

The Ride Home

Everyday Catalina takes the same bus route home.
(Frame-by-frame Animation)

Buzz Buzz Buzz

As Catalina passes the garbage bin on her way to class, she tends to notice bees flying around it going crazy.
(JS Library Animation)